A round-up of Internet goodness

The Internet sometimes feels like the biggest treasure chest that ever was. With that being said, I’m bringing you another post on my favourite finds – because sometimes it’s a good idea to unleash your inner creativity and detach from our fast-paced world.

I’m a bit obsessed with tea so when I found this project I thought it would be the perfect way to recycle worn teacups. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my rainy day project list! What kinds of tea are you into? Right now I’m loving chocolate mint and citrus chamomile.

How to make teacup candles from Budget Savvy Diva:

How to Make Teacup Candles

I also get really excited about homegrown anything. Rosemary and basil are wonderful herbs that are brilliant to have on hand because they garnish well and taste even better. This DIY is for a mason jar herb display. If you have any presence on the Internet at all, you know that mason jars are more in than wide legged pants and Jennifer Lawrence. So join the club and get all country chic.

Mason Jar Herb Garden from Camille Styles:

mason jar DIY hanging herb garden indoor plants

If you’re having a girls’ night in this weekend and you want some clean-eats, try this dessert. It has all my favourite things in it so I’m pretty sure it’s a rock solid idea.

Guilt-free ice cream from totallyloveit.com:



And of course, a little Cayisa lovin that I found. I’m craving this necklace whose name (Rendezvous) makes it irresistibly tempting. I’m giving you permission to online shop because not all pretty things can be crafted at home. Do it – you know you want to.

Happy almost weekend!



5 thoughts on “A round-up of Internet goodness

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