Managing Monday

Welcome to another week! If you over indulged this holiday weekend or just need someone else to think about the practicalities on your behalf, look no further. Sometimes, in the midst of routine, we forget to take care of our bodies. But eating well, flexing our creativity muscles, and making time to rest is so important. Here are some ways to be good to yourself over the next few days! Just click each image below for more information. And be sure to check back for more ways to live healthfully!


Happy 4th!

Here’s to freedom, stars and stripes, and celebrating with loved ones. How are you spending your Independence Day? Be sure to #Cayisa so we can share in your fun! If you’re still searching for patriotic treats and outfits, look below. We’ve got plenty of food and fashion inspiration to help you be the most American of them all.

GS73Keep it casual with overalls or take on the midi skirt. This year’s 4th fashion brings some extra class and sophistication to the table. Who says stars and stripes have to be boring?
GS73Keep things simple this year with dipped pretzels, a fruity flag, pancakes, and a lemon cream cake. Make sure you and your friends stay hydrated by glamming up your water display – these ice cubes are easy and delicious!
Have a safe, FUN fourth and be sure to come back next week!
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Managing Monday

Happy Monday everyone! How are you managing yours?

If you need a little help, inspiration, or both, you’ve come to the right place! Chill out with an easy, meatless supper, reward yourself with peach sherbet, and start a craft project with patriotic flair. Whether you’ve got Mondays down to a science or not, you’re welcome here – stop by again some time soon!


1. This panini recipe and summer tomatoes are deliciously easy.

2. Martha Stewart knows sherbet. Trust us.

3. This American flag wreath and mason jar DIY will jazz up your home just in time for Saturday.

Like the outfit? Find Sands of Fire by Cayisa here.

Green Scene

Happy Thursday all!

Here at Cayisa, we hope you’ve had a healthy week full of productivity, inspiration, and recuperation. If you’re not sure what that looks like, check out Managing Monday.

Today, we’re spending a few moments spotlighting crowdfunding, a big trend for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and blog friends like you. If you’ve been seeing more posts on personal fundraising efforts in your newsfeed(s), it’s probably because crowdfunding is a new, painless way to bring attention to financial need.

Forbes defines crowdfunding as: a platform, an individual or entity in need of funding, and a community of people willing to collectively contribute these funds in exchange for rewards and recognition.

There are multiple crowdfunding websites out there, although you can click here for a list of the best of the best. Why is crowdfunding so popular? It’s a simple and (usually) free method for creating awareness. And our culture is very pro-awareness. Who doesn’t want to invest in worthy causes?

While our motivations may differ, we all have people, places, and things that we hold dear. We all desire better, stronger communities and through crowdfunding, we’re able to make our people, places, and things a little better and a little stronger.

Cayisa is using a crowdfunding method to help Eben, Brooke, and Sandra. If you want more information on how you can take part, click here!

Need some weekend outfit inspiration – see below. As always, be sure to come back next week!


Managing Monday

Meatless Monday has been a trend for a good long while. There’s something satisfying about eating lean, using wholesome ingredients, and providing a meal that is different…in a good way.

But there is so much more to Monday than meal planning. In fact, there is so much more to living than meal planning. These weekly posts absolutely help you plan creative dishes for the family, but our main aim is to start the week by encouraging you. Nobody really loves jumping back into daily routines after lazy summer weekends, so if you’re looking for the motivation to get fit, get crafty, and get moving (with a little Cayisa flair) then you’ve come to the right place.

When you take a moment to manage yourself – and most importantly, your mind – you’re able to tackle the rest of the week with your head up, not down. Look below for light summer recipes and fashion inspiration! Have suggestions, comments, questions? Send them our way. #Cayisa or click to comment – we’re ready and waiting!

MM6221. Vamp up your sweet potato fries with this yogurt dill sauce. Keep dinner easy with a panini!
2. Never skip breakfast. Even if you aren’t that hungry, give it a go with refrigerator oatmeal or a green tea smoothie.
3. Little treats help minimize craving caving. These chocolate covered mandarins and minty raspberry lemonade are looking especially fine.
4. If you need a fun project to do with girlfriends (or your kids), make corn on the cob even better with these dino corn holders. Or make clay plant pots with pineapple personality.
5. Sometimes looking the part helps us feel the part. Put your best foot forward this summer with a cover-up you can love and accessories you can rock. Click here for more Cayisa.
Thanks for stopping by – we’ll see you next week!
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For all the dads out there

If you’ve got a father figure you want to love well this weekend, look below for recipes and DIY cards that are sure to make him smile! Sometimes, sharing reminders of gratitude and kindness are a small yet powerful ways to bring light and hope into one another’s days. So take a moment and let your role models know how treasured they are. As always, be sure to #Cayisa when you try out these ideas!


Make dad a meaty meal he’ll remember! From left to right: honey-lime chicken skewers, slow-cooker fall of the bone ribs, and blackened chicken with an avocado cream sauce.

GS619Whip up something yummy for dessert. What goes perfectly with a good cookout? Milkshakes! Clockwise: banana pudding milkshakes, snickers milkshakes, and last but not least, key lime pie milkshakes.

Gifts don’t have to be fussy – just something small that says you’re important to me. From left to right: generational fathers (recreate this look on your own!), a flippin awesome spatula, and a candy stash for the facial haired father.

Happy Father’s Day from Cayisa!

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