Cayleen cayisaCayisa: An exquisite celebration of nature by design.

How do one-of-a-kind Cayisa designs capture the magical energy of a wild and organic world? They embrace and celebrate the harmonic balance of nature’s sustainable cause and effect.

The Cayisa Cause:

To passionately support and proactively spread awareness of the essential value of eating naturally produced, unprocessed food free from artificial additives, chemical toxins, and genetically modified ingredients.

The Cayisa Effect:

By eating unprocessed food we lead healthier, happier lives while we provide genuine nutrition to our children, combat the avoidable epidemic of obesity, and support sustainable local agriculture and farm-to-table goodness and plenty.

Cayisa is passionately committed to sustainable health and wellness through unbiased education about the multiple benefits of pure, wholesome, unprocessed food. With all of its naturally delicious goodness and life-giving value completely intact, uncontaminated and unadulterated food is fully complete. Just like seeds that already contain everything needed to support life, all you have to do is add fresh, clean water for the perfect diet.

 As a child growing up Cayleen often heard the story or analogy about how a giant oak springs forth from a tiny, seemingly insignificant acorn. Now that she is a mother herself, she realizes that children also deserve to know that from undiluted, untainted food grows a healthier and happier world. Children are our most precious natural resource and they deserve life-giving support in every way. Pure food is their birthright and will help ensure their sustained wellness and longevity.Research shows that by eating pure, unprocessed food the mind becomes more clear and focused. The body gets what it needs to strengthen itself on a cellular and molecular level, bolster the immune system, and maintain or regain natural internal balance and physiological alignment. The heart grows strong and the spirit is uplifted. The whole person, from the inside-out, radiates with a genuine beauty that is all their own.The Cayisa Key Symbol

Cayisa chose the key symbol because it represents unlocking the natural value and goodness of pure, unprocessed food that lets us flourish and blossom with positive intention. In fact, ancient Indo-Europeans used the word “keinan” – from which key is derived – to mean “to come forth or germinate.”

Wearing the iconic Cayisa key communicates a sense of shared community where individuals validate the notion that the sum is greater than its separated parts. Together we celebrate the extraordinary benefits of pure, unprocessed food as a vital cause. Interestingly enough, in Old English the word key actually referred to “that which holds together the parts.”

Why Cayisa?

Cayleen Davies is the radiate personality and hardworking woman behind Cayisa. The syllable “isa” refers to Isis, the feminine goddess of fertility from the lush Mesopotamian region where domestic agriculture and pure farming as we know it originated.

Together they inspired Cayisa.

Cayisa seed-based jewelry both literally and creatively encapsulates the true essence and pure energy of life-giving sustenance. Cayisa sustains and promotes the economic empowerment of indigenous women around the world who handcraft each piece from renewable resources.

Wear Cayisa jewelry to elegantly communicate awareness of the quintessential value of pure food. Initiate and stimulate the conversation to make a real, positive difference in your own life and the lives of those around you.


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