Managing Monday

Welcome to another week! If you over indulged this holiday weekend or just need someone else to think about the practicalities on your behalf, look no further. Sometimes, in the midst of routine, we forget to take care of our bodies. But eating well, flexing our creativity muscles, and making time to rest is so important. Here are some ways to be good to yourself over the next few days! Just click each image below for more information. And be sure to check back for more ways to live healthfully!


Happy 4th!

Here’s to freedom, stars and stripes, and celebrating with loved ones. How are you spending your Independence Day? Be sure to #Cayisa so we can share in your fun! If you’re still searching for patriotic treats and outfits, look below. We’ve got plenty of food and fashion inspiration to help you be the most American of them all.

GS73Keep it casual with overalls or take on the midi skirt. This year’s 4th fashion brings some extra class and sophistication to the table. Who says stars and stripes have to be boring?
GS73Keep things simple this year with dipped pretzels, a fruity flag, pancakes, and a lemon cream cake. Make sure you and your friends stay hydrated by glamming up your water display – these ice cubes are easy and delicious!
Have a safe, FUN fourth and be sure to come back next week!
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Managing Monday

Happy Monday everyone! How are you managing yours?

If you need a little help, inspiration, or both, you’ve come to the right place! Chill out with an easy, meatless supper, reward yourself with peach sherbet, and start a craft project with patriotic flair. Whether you’ve got Mondays down to a science or not, you’re welcome here – stop by again some time soon!


1. This panini recipe and summer tomatoes are deliciously easy.

2. Martha Stewart knows sherbet. Trust us.

3. This American flag wreath and mason jar DIY will jazz up your home just in time for Saturday.

Like the outfit? Find Sands of Fire by Cayisa here.

For all the dads out there

If you’ve got a father figure you want to love well this weekend, look below for recipes and DIY cards that are sure to make him smile! Sometimes, sharing reminders of gratitude and kindness are a small yet powerful ways to bring light and hope into one another’s days. So take a moment and let your role models know how treasured they are. As always, be sure to #Cayisa when you try out these ideas!


Make dad a meaty meal he’ll remember! From left to right: honey-lime chicken skewers, slow-cooker fall of the bone ribs, and blackened chicken with an avocado cream sauce.

GS619Whip up something yummy for dessert. What goes perfectly with a good cookout? Milkshakes! Clockwise: banana pudding milkshakes, snickers milkshakes, and last but not least, key lime pie milkshakes.

Gifts don’t have to be fussy – just something small that says you’re important to me. From left to right: generational fathers (recreate this look on your own!), a flippin awesome spatula, and a candy stash for the facial haired father.

Happy Father’s Day from Cayisa!

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Meatless Monday

Mondays can bring all sorts of challenges. First zumba classes (insert sound-clip of my creaking bones here), back to back meetings, daycare drop offs, dinner on the run – the list goes on. If you’ve had a manic Monday and are just now settling in for the night, look below for a quick dinner option. If your kids are home for the summer and causing mayhem, click on the link for summer fun. Summer also brings another unique challenge that looks a lot like a yellow polka dot bikini…

Bathing suit shopping is the bane of my existence because let’s face it, nobody looks awesome in the glaring light of a changing room and the options are endless. Check out how you can style Cayisa with a rocking bathing suit and remember that you’re lovely, whether you’ve got the perfect beach bod or not. And before you reach for physical perfection, remember the mental hurdles have to be jumped first. If your heart and mind are happy, your healthy body will arrive that much faster.

MM6151. Tomato-basil-mozzarella calzone from Life a Little Brighter and a mushroom flatbread from Domestic Superhero.
2. Coca cola may not be the healthiest beverage in the world, but it has one cute logo. Vamp up your recyclables with some DIY.
3. Bathing suits galore! What style are you going for this year? Click on the image for more style info. Want more Cayisa? Click here.
4. Here is your ticket to keeping the kiddos occupied.
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Meatless Monday

We know there are plenty of blogs out there, so thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web! These weekly posts are your chance to read up on healthy tips and trends – from recipes to fashion, we’ve got you covered. Life moves quickly and we know how important it is to absorb every precious moment that comes your way. We love the moments you’ve shared with us lately so keep them coming! Check out the DIY projects below and then put your inspiration into action!

MM681. Chalk board art. is. everywhere. It’s also harder than it looks (mostly because cursive was so elementary school and we’ve since forgotten how to make it look pretty). However, chalkboards are incredibly useful, especially for party decor, so if you want to be a lettering guru, check out this page for more info. It actually isn’t that difficult…it just takes a few minutes to pick up.
2. Big, chuck-it-all-in salads are great because you put in minimal effort yet end up with lots of color and wonderful flavours. If you’re on the go, put your ingredients in a mason jar, screw on the lid, and grab a fork. Easy. Try this recipe tonight!
3. Another party decoration that’s all the rage is the paper flower. These ones, from Apartment Therapy, have surfaced all over the place lately, and that’s probably because they’re cute and cheap. Whether you’re prepping for a backyard shindig or just want to liven up your kitchen table, paper flowers might be the way to go.
4. Nothing says summer like popsicles! This peach creamsicle recipe is healthy and sure to please. Let us know what you think!
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Meatless Monday

Tis the season for cookouts, grill-outs, barbecues, backyard soirees, and everything else in between. Do you have special dietary needs to cater for? Bored of burgers? Looking to spice up your shish kebab game? Cayisa has the perfect backyard menu for your summer needs. Look below for inspiration and #Cayisa when you’re getting crafty in the kitchen. Be sure to head on over to our website to keep tabs on our fundraising projects as well!

Grilled Pineapple Salsa with Quinoa-Corn Tortilla Chips

Chocolate Dipped Kiwi Popsicles

Fresh Fruit Pops

Mushroom skewers from dinners and dreams

Grilled pineapple salsa with quinoa tortilla chips from vegan yack attack

Grilled eggplant, halloumi, and pesto burgers from veggie belly

Chocolate kiwi popsicles from fine little day

Frozen mango, kiwi, raspberry popsicles from skinny taste

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Green Scene

Today’s post is a shout-out you don’t want to miss.

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with, a website devoted to healthful living. Creator, Carrie Vitt, shares fantastic recipes and general lifestyle information, but my favourite post of hers features a little girl named Samantha. If you’ve been reading Cayisa’s blog for awhile, you’ll know that we’re also a big fan of Food Babe. Her army champions better living for all by campaigning against toxic ingredients in foods. So far, Food Babe has been quite successful. Samantha’s story proves just why the fight to reduce chemicals matters.

Her sweet mama, Jenna, made a haunting discovery about Red Dye #40, or Allura Red as it’s also called. The presence of Red 40 in Samantha’s diet was drastically altering her mood. Samantha’s symptoms went unexplained for a long time before Jenna realized food dyes could be the root cause. Below is a list of the foods Jenna removed from Samantha’s diet as well as a list of other chemicals (all petroleum based) that had negative effects on her daughter.


You can read Jenna’s full story here.

Deliciously Organic also features budget friendly recipes for the self-proclaimed health nut:


Fussili with chard, bacon, and cream: 6 ingredients. So much flavour.

And in case you were looking for a grain-free, paleo dessert: smores bars. Bingo.


Carrie even did a write-up of her favourite natural sunscreens. This post is the perfect pre-summer read for you and your family!

Stop by Carrie’s website some time and have a look at the work she’s doing to promote healthier choices. You won’t regret it!

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Green Scene

Are you looking for a new springtime project? Why not consider a learning garden?

You’ll see from our Instagram account that we’re helping Christ Covenant School in their effort to bring a learning garden to campus. These gardens provide so many wonderful educational opportunities! Students have the satisfaction of watching patience and hard work pay off, but they also learn about healthful living and environmental preservation. The Christ Covenant Spartans will even incorporate math, history, and art lessons into their gardening experience.

So if you’d like to introduce your family or friends to their own learning garden, check out this how to guide!

First things first: plants need sun. As you begin your garden, make sure you locate a spot with prime light exposure.

Next, you need to select a building material. According to landscaper Jenny Peterson, wood or cinderblocks are the least expensive options. Stone and steel are more expensive options but will add an element of class to your finished product.

If you need help deciding, refer to this chart:

Material And Design Options

Peterson also says that 4′ is an ideal width for gardens. Feel free to pick any length, the 4′ parameter simply ensures you don’t have to climb into your garden to take care of it. The height will depend on your intended gardeners. If your family is helping you, try keeping the bed 6″ to 1′ high.

For a step by step construction guide, go to Better Homes and Gardens.

Once you’re happy with your garden frame, fill the bed with soil! Then go on a seed shopping spree to buy the herbs, fruits, and vegetables you want to grow most!

There are lots of fun ways to mark and use your produce, too!

These field note printables are from the Sisters Guild. Let your kids observe how their plants grow each day.

As for plant markers, Whimsy love has a crafty solution:

Here’s a beginner’s guide to canning which you can tuck away for future reference once your harvest arrives!

Choose to grow your meals this summer! You won’t regret it!

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Option b

Last week I highlighted the perils of Starbucks Refreshers. It was a dark time…

until I did some Pinterest scrounging and discovered that there really are numerous alternatives to the processed, chilled drinks we’ve become so addicted to.

I’m willing to bet the ingredients cost less than your average Starbucks purchase, too.

Here are some of my favourite, mostly healthy finds:

#1. Roasted peach lemonade from the naptimechef

The only issue I foresee with this drink is the sugar content. The recipe calls for 4 cups of fresh lemonade. If you make your lemonade with tons of sugar, then you may be in for a very syrupy final product. But if you like to let your lemons steal the show and don’t overpower your lemonade, this on the rocks = August bliss.

Roasted Peach Lemonade

#2. Aloha milkshake from thissillygirlslife

I take your frappe and raise you one of these. The presentation is beautiful and it doesn’t get more summery than toasted coconut. 

Aloha Milkshake

#3. Raspberry citrus green tea cooler from lemontreedwelling

This drink is the most like a “refresher” – light, subtly flavoured, with caffeine content completely in your hands.

Raspberry Citrus Green Tea Cooler - a light, refreshing drink that's perfect for summer!

#4. Chai tahini smoothie from cleaneatingrecipebox

My chai cravings are usually stronger than my chocolate cravings and that’s saying something. I’m about to go make my own to see how this compares to store-bought varieties.

Honestly, my list could go on and on. If you don’t want to get fussy with summer beverages, simply throw some mint and fruit of your choice into a glass with crushed ice. Pour some water in that baby and you’re good to go. We take pitchers and fill them with lots of colour – raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, oranges – and serve water the fun way at parties. Everyone thinks the pitchers look breathtaking and can’t resist staying hydrated.

So be inspired! Go forth and play barrista!