Green Scene

Happy Thursday all!

Here at Cayisa, we hope you’ve had a healthy week full of productivity, inspiration, and recuperation. If you’re not sure what that looks like, check out Managing Monday.

Today, we’re spending a few moments spotlighting crowdfunding, a big trend for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and blog friends like you. If you’ve been seeing more posts on personal fundraising efforts in your newsfeed(s), it’s probably because crowdfunding is a new, painless way to bring attention to financial need.

Forbes defines crowdfunding as: a platform, an individual or entity in need of funding, and a community of people willing to collectively contribute these funds in exchange for rewards and recognition.

There are multiple crowdfunding websites out there, although you can click here for a list of the best of the best. Why is crowdfunding so popular? It’s a simple and (usually) free method for creating awareness. And our culture is very pro-awareness. Who doesn’t want to invest in worthy causes?

While our motivations may differ, we all have people, places, and things that we hold dear. We all desire better, stronger communities and through crowdfunding, we’re able to make our people, places, and things a little better and a little stronger.

Cayisa is using a crowdfunding method to help Eben, Brooke, and Sandra. If you want more information on how you can take part, click here!

Need some weekend outfit inspiration – see below. As always, be sure to come back next week!


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