Managing Monday

Meatless Monday has been a trend for a good long while. There’s something satisfying about eating lean, using wholesome ingredients, and providing a meal that is different…in a good way.

But there is so much more to Monday than meal planning. In fact, there is so much more to living than meal planning. These weekly posts absolutely help you plan creative dishes for the family, but our main aim is to start the week by encouraging you. Nobody really loves jumping back into daily routines after lazy summer weekends, so if you’re looking for the motivation to get fit, get crafty, and get moving (with a little Cayisa flair) then you’ve come to the right place.

When you take a moment to manage yourself – and most importantly, your mind – you’re able to tackle the rest of the week with your head up, not down. Look below for light summer recipes and fashion inspiration! Have suggestions, comments, questions? Send them our way. #Cayisa or click to comment – we’re ready and waiting!

MM6221. Vamp up your sweet potato fries with this yogurt dill sauce. Keep dinner easy with a panini!
2. Never skip breakfast. Even if you aren’t that hungry, give it a go with refrigerator oatmeal or a green tea smoothie.
3. Little treats help minimize craving caving. These chocolate covered mandarins and minty raspberry lemonade are looking especially fine.
4. If you need a fun project to do with girlfriends (or your kids), make corn on the cob even better with these dino corn holders. Or make clay plant pots with pineapple personality.
5. Sometimes looking the part helps us feel the part. Put your best foot forward this summer with a cover-up you can love and accessories you can rock. Click here for more Cayisa.
Thanks for stopping by – we’ll see you next week!
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