For all the dads out there

If you’ve got a father figure you want to love well this weekend, look below for recipes and DIY cards that are sure to make him smile! Sometimes, sharing reminders of gratitude and kindness are a small yet powerful ways to bring light and hope into one another’s days. So take a moment and let your role models know how treasured they are. As always, be sure to #Cayisa when you try out these ideas!


Make dad a meaty meal he’ll remember! From left to right: honey-lime chicken skewers, slow-cooker fall of the bone ribs, and blackened chicken with an avocado cream sauce.

GS619Whip up something yummy for dessert. What goes perfectly with a good cookout? Milkshakes! Clockwise: banana pudding milkshakes, snickers milkshakes, and last but not least, key lime pie milkshakes.

Gifts don’t have to be fussy – just something small that says you’re important to me. From left to right: generational fathers (recreate this look on your own!), a flippin awesome spatula, and a candy stash for the facial haired father.

Happy Father’s Day from Cayisa!

(Photo credit: linked sites)

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