Meatless Monday

Mondays can bring all sorts of challenges. First zumba classes (insert sound-clip of my creaking bones here), back to back meetings, daycare drop offs, dinner on the run – the list goes on. If you’ve had a manic Monday and are just now settling in for the night, look below for a quick dinner option. If your kids are home for the summer and causing mayhem, click on the link for summer fun. Summer also brings another unique challenge that looks a lot like a yellow polka dot bikini…

Bathing suit shopping is the bane of my existence because let’s face it, nobody looks awesome in the glaring light of a changing room and the options are endless. Check out how you can style Cayisa with a rocking bathing suit and remember that you’re lovely, whether you’ve got the perfect beach bod or not. And before you reach for physical perfection, remember the mental hurdles have to be jumped first. If your heart and mind are happy, your healthy body will arrive that much faster.

MM6151. Tomato-basil-mozzarella calzone from Life a Little Brighter and a mushroom flatbread from Domestic Superhero.
2. Coca cola may not be the healthiest beverage in the world, but it has one cute logo. Vamp up your recyclables with some DIY.
3. Bathing suits galore! What style are you going for this year? Click on the image for more style info. Want more Cayisa? Click here.
4. Here is your ticket to keeping the kiddos occupied.
(Photo credit: linked websites)

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