Green Scene

Thursdays are our opportunity to appreciate all the world is doing to be kind to the environment and its inhabitants. We want to celebrate with you as you live a healthier lifestyle that leads to a healthier you! We also love to celebrate fashion that gives back, fashion that feeds – fashion that brings people alive. If you want to see how Cayisa does that, click here.

I recently stumbled across Della and fell in love with their mission. The fashion line is run by a marvelous array of women. It’s based in L.A. but has forged relationships with a community of African women in Ghana who take textiles from the Volta Region and handcraft each product. Della’s website is quick to assert that the line is not about charity. The line reinforces the strength of the individual and relishes in business done well. These craftswomen are able to manage their spending, learn the benefits of micro-financing, and bond as a community, all in the name of fashion. Della’s products have been sold in the Apple store and even broke into the Urban Outfitters market.


Fashion is absolutely a means of expression and an art form we can revere, but it is also a passion project with the power to unite people, and that’s worthy of huge respect.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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(Photo credit: linked site)

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