Meatless Monday

We know there are plenty of blogs out there, so thanks for stopping by our little corner of the web! These weekly posts are your chance to read up on healthy tips and trends – from recipes to fashion, we’ve got you covered. Life moves quickly and we know how important it is to absorb every precious moment that comes your way. We love the moments you’ve shared with us lately so keep them coming! Check out the DIY projects below and then put your inspiration into action!

MM681. Chalk board art. is. everywhere. It’s also harder than it looks (mostly because cursive was so elementary school and we’ve since forgotten how to make it look pretty). However, chalkboards are incredibly useful, especially for party decor, so if you want to be a lettering guru, check out this page for more info. It actually isn’t that difficult…it just takes a few minutes to pick up.
2. Big, chuck-it-all-in salads are great because you put in minimal effort yet end up with lots of color and wonderful flavours. If you’re on the go, put your ingredients in a mason jar, screw on the lid, and grab a fork. Easy. Try this recipe tonight!
3. Another party decoration that’s all the rage is the paper flower. These ones, from Apartment Therapy, have surfaced all over the place lately, and that’s probably because they’re cute and cheap. Whether you’re prepping for a backyard shindig or just want to liven up your kitchen table, paper flowers might be the way to go.
4. Nothing says summer like popsicles! This peach creamsicle recipe is healthy and sure to please. Let us know what you think!
(Photo credit: linked sites)

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