Meatless Monday

The weeks, they just keep rolling. Cheers to another Monday conquered! Break up the monotony of your daily routine by spending a few moments here. There’s plenty to see and consider – especially if you’re into fashion with a cause.

If you’ve had trouble staving off the sugar cravings lately, give healthy snacking a try! It happens to the best of us – donuts in the break room, that friendly neighborhood baker with extra time on her hands…baked goods are yummy but such a frenemy when you’re trying to cut the chemicals and fight for the fresh. Healthy meals are similarly tricky. But look below for recipes and DIY that will give you a reason to celebrate Monday. Valuing the little things in life is essential to having a positive outlook – so tell us, what are you thankful for today? #Cayisa and let us know!

1. Beat the sugar rush with raw strawberry twizzlers!
2. Get your nom on with sweet potato ravioli!
3. Grab canvas, modge podge, and magazines to mimic this canvas feel.
(Photo credit: linked sites)

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