Meatless Monday

Happy Monday Cayisa readers! I hope you’re tackling Monday in style (somebody has to). If you’re just here for the recipes, scroll on down for a meatless menu that should make you and your family happy. If you’re interested in healthful living, consider visiting Food Babe’s website to watch this video, which supports wiser shopping habits.
This family of five volunteered for a study conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute. You can get the full story on Food Babe’s website here. It is so important to be aware of how simple choices in the grocery store will later affect your mind and body!

MM5181. Mexican flavours just taste like summer. Get in the mood for sunshine, tans, and family time with these simple veggie dinners. The cheesy quesadillas can be dressed up with cilantro, tomatoes, onions, peppers – whatever your kids prefer! These loaded nachos will be perfect with one of today’s snack options: healthy guac (see #3).
2. Get inspired by something today! Start a new book, write a few lines of poetry, crack open that journal you’ve been ignoring. Find this print on Etsy and this stack on Cayisa.
3. Wise snack choices are happy life choices. Put down the cupcake and whip up a better treat. Here we have bell pepper candy, avocado dip, and lemon frozen yogurt!
4. Are you crafting obsessed? This DIY tutorial for screen printing will help you transform any old sweatshirt in your closet. Give it a try and #Cayisa so we can see!
(Photo credit: linked sites)

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