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Ever find that the weeks leading up to summer are far more stressful than you thought possible?

The world has a way of speeding up before it slows down, and if that’s where you find yourself today, keep reading for DIY life savers. Why not set aside an afternoon this weekend to pause and take care of yourself? We ask so much of our bodies and we’re not always kind to them in return! Unfortunately, the results of our negligence are often quite uncomfortable. Indigestion, acne, cracked skin, sore throats – they all throw us off course from time to time, especially when we’re stressed or living life on the go!

Peppermint oil and/or tea will quickly calm you down if you’re having one of those days. Mint tea is usually caffeine free and relieves nausea and indigestion. Make yourself a cup before bedtime, open a good book, and prepare for sleep the right way! Have a cup or two during the day to give yourself some extra Vitamin B or to gain control over your appetite.

Adding peppermint oils to your bathwater can soothe rashes and help with decongesting sniffly sinuses.


This chocolate peppermint smoothie is packed with super foods that will recharge your system, but the gist of it is peppermint extract, cocao, and coconut milk – what’s not to love? In a rush? Prep this the night before and bring it on your morning commute!

Here we have a DIY chest rub, a lemon zest hand scrub (for gardeners really, but it works for anyone with sorry looking hands), and peppermint mocha soap.

Here’s a friendly reminder to keep drinking tea – peppermint really will work wonders for your body – as well as a recipe for homemade cough drops!

Thanks for checking in – be sure to #Cayisa when you’re sporting our arm candy and come back on Monday for some healthy inspiration!

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