Meatless Monday

Happy Monday! For those of you who celebrated Mother’s Day, I hope it was a beautiful day with lots of laughter and family lovin. Whether you’re feeling wonderful about yourself today or could use a little encouragement, know that you are welcome here at Cayisa. Look below for healthy recipes that will motivate you to eat cleanly! Remember that each new morning brings fresh opportunities so even if today hasn’t gone as planned, rest assured tomorrow will be better.

It’s all about perspective. Mistakes happen. Life happens. We can rid ourselves of so much anxiety and stress when we acknowledge that we don’t have it all together. Set yourself a goal of making little victories each day. Dress to the nines, eat good food, spend time strengthening your heart and mind. Be victorious in the small things and the big things won’t seem quite as overwhelming.

Thanks for stopping by and give us a shout if you need extra inspiration!


1. Pasta – it’s what’s for dinner! There are a variety of dishes tonight. Pick something new and let us know how it goes @cayisa!

Pomegranate and goat’s cheese pasta

Creamy wild mushroom parpadelle

Browned butter lemon pasta

One pot pasta primavera 

2. This mango peach slushy is a great source of healthy energy. Stay away from the soft drinks and use up your spare fruit instead!

3. Reward yourself for a hard day’s work with this super quick strawberry fro-yo!

4. Get crafty and add a flower wall to your favourite entertaining space!

5. Put your best foot forward with a little cayisa! I’m loving flowy skirts and baby pink this spring. What’s your fashion go-to?


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