Meatless Monday

If you’re having trouble kick-starting the week, this post will get your brain in the zone. We’re here with 5 healthy ways to tackle Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday…). A little self-control and enthusiasm can go a long way. Feeling lethargic? Start drinking more water and switch up your eating habits. Constantly running late or misplacing things? Take an extra five minutes in the morning to write some memos. Being organized and energized is easy, so come try life the Cayisa way!


1. Try this basil and blueberry grilled cheese for lunch. New flavor combos are like life’s little adventure for the busy woman. What’s for dinner? Ravioli with green beans and a brown butter sauce.

2. Sometimes, looking the part helps you feel the part. Play your part better by taking time for you! Visit etsy for this print and Cayisa for the eco-friendly bracelets.

3. These vases are perfect for a springy table!

4. Vegan peanut butter cup cheesecakes. Um, yes please.

5. A chalkboard on the wall may just mean less mental clutter in your mind.

(Photo credit: linked websites)

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