Green Scene

Are you looking for a new springtime project? Why not consider a learning garden?

You’ll see from our Instagram account that we’re helping Christ Covenant School in their effort to bring a learning garden to campus. These gardens provide so many wonderful educational opportunities! Students have the satisfaction of watching patience and hard work pay off, but they also learn about healthful living and environmental preservation. The Christ Covenant Spartans will even incorporate math, history, and art lessons into their gardening experience.

So if you’d like to introduce your family or friends to their own learning garden, check out this how to guide!

First things first: plants need sun. As you begin your garden, make sure you locate a spot with prime light exposure.

Next, you need to select a building material. According to landscaper Jenny Peterson, wood or cinderblocks are the least expensive options. Stone and steel are more expensive options but will add an element of class to your finished product.

If you need help deciding, refer to this chart:

Material And Design Options

Peterson also says that 4′ is an ideal width for gardens. Feel free to pick any length, the 4′ parameter simply ensures you don’t have to climb into your garden to take care of it. The height will depend on your intended gardeners. If your family is helping you, try keeping the bed 6″ to 1′ high.

For a step by step construction guide, go to Better Homes and Gardens.

Once you’re happy with your garden frame, fill the bed with soil! Then go on a seed shopping spree to buy the herbs, fruits, and vegetables you want to grow most!

There are lots of fun ways to mark and use your produce, too!

These field note printables are from the Sisters Guild. Let your kids observe how their plants grow each day.

As for plant markers, Whimsy love has a crafty solution:

Here’s a beginner’s guide to canning which you can tuck away for future reference once your harvest arrives!

Choose to grow your meals this summer! You won’t regret it!

(Photo credit: linked sites)


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