Meatless Monday

Thanks for checking in on this glorious Meatless Monday! Every week we bring the best of clean eating, crafting, and healthful living to you!

Feeling guilty about what you’ve eaten today? There’s still time to correct that with our vegetarian dinner recipes. There’s even a healthy breakfast recipe to ensure tomorrow starts off right. Have requests? Got your own foolproof recipe for guilt-free living? Let us know in the comments!

Also, if it’s been awhile since you last visited our website, consider reading about our seeds of hope mission. Three stories of faith and courage are being celebrated as we give proceeds from our sales to help little Ava and Brooke as well as Eben, who opens up about her struggle with Psoriasis. We appreciate you stopping by!

Your to-do list for the week:

Untitled #166
1. Macaroni for the wee people and roasted vegetable pitas for you!
2. Ready for a better breakfast tomorrow? Pin this recipe on the fridge so you don’t forget!
3. Need more wanderlust in your life? Try making your own version of this print. Need more armcandy – or just more jewelry with a purpose? Find Cayisa here.
4. DIY projects are satisfying on multiple levels. How about adding this DIY hammock chair to your porch or sun-room this spring?
5. Avocado chocolate pudding. We’ve featured avocado desserts before…because they’re just that good! Get this recipe here!


 (Photo credit: linked sites)

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