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This week’s post is really a shout-out to Food Babe and Vitamin C.

We’re celebrating Food Babe because as you’ll read here, her fearless army convinced Kraft to “dump the dyes.”  An online petition with over 365,000 signatures demanded that Kraft remove yellow dyes #5 and #6 from their macaroni and cheese. Not only are these dyes linked to cancer, they have no nutritional value and are manmade…in labs. Hardly ideal ingredients for your family to consume. So thank the #FoodBabeArmy for making macaroni safe again!

General Food Babe insight is always useful, and I loved this recent post on healthy office snacks. Drop the donuts and much on something that will keep you feeling GOOD about yourself!

Of her top 20 picks, homemade hummus, avocados, green smoothies, and homemade cookies are my favourites.

Now for the Vitamin C. As the weather gets warmer, oranges will be in high demand. Ever wondered why?

People often talk about a Vitamin C boost, but how does one little orange help our bodies function?

Vitamin C is known to assist in collagen production i.e. your skin feels happy.

Oranges are high in fiber which aids in good digestion.

Oranges have a high Vitamin A content which is responsible for maintaining night vision. Vitamin A also helps your eyes absorb light.

Drinking orange juice reduces the risk of kidney stones and kidney failure.

Oranges contain potassium which is useful at regulating heart health.

Oranges are even carbohydrate safe. They’re a fruit and obviously contain sugar, but any food with a glycemic index under 55 is healthy. And guess what, your standard orange conveniently has a glycemic index of 40. This means eating oranges won’t drastically increase your blood sugar. Win, win.

*Necessary safety announcement: you shouldn’t consume more than 2000mg of Vitamin C a day. Additionally, if you suffer from heartburn, the acidity in oranges may feel uncomfortable, so be wise when getting your orange fix.

Orange education: found here and here.

If you’re feeling inspired, check out these orangey ideas:


1. A healthy orange julius: recipe here

2. Orange scones (beware: indulgent): recipe here

3. Fun fact: orange peel can be used as kindling for your summer bonfires

4. Herb and citrus oven roasted chicken: recipe here

5. Chocolate covered orange peel: recipe here

6. Homemade orange extract: recipe here

(Photo credit: linked websites)

Enjoy your weekend and check back on Monday for our weekly Meatless Monday post!


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