Meatless Monday

Happy Monday! Another week has begun and we’re here to keep your mind, body, and heart as clean as possible!

Meatless Monday is more than just a trend – it’s part of a lifestyle. When you choose to prepare nutritious meals, you’re committing yourself to healthy habits. These habits look a lot like diligence, self-control, positive thinking, and self-awareness. Whether you’re new to the world of healthy living or you’re a veteran, it can be difficult to consistently take care of our bodies! It will always be tempting to cheat…to skip that run or grab a milkshake instead of fruit. But here’s the good news: if you’re willing to be creative, there are plenty of ways to manage cravings, keep the cheating to a minimum, and fully embrace good habits.

Our recipes for this week are proof that you can indulge and still be on track to a better, fitter, happier you!


1. Don’t let the world crush your spirit! You are fierce and capable of sticking to the goals you set! If you like the bracelets, head on over to our website!

2. An Asian infused dinner will make the stress of Monday melt away. Get the baked spring roll recipe here and the Asian slaw recipe here!

3. How cute is this book birdhouse?! Click here for all sorts of spring craft inspiration!

4. This chocolate hazlenut (paleo & vegan!!!) tart is looking like the perfect way to celebrate a new week. Click here for the recipe!

5. Want a water detox? Get a great recipe here and read up on how these ingredients naturally aid your body!

(Photo credit: linked sites)


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