Meatless Monday

Happy April everyone! If you’re still in a candy coma post-Easter, or if you’re spring cleaning the house and the mind, Cayisa is here to help you on your journey to healthful living! This week’s craft involves plants, which is the perfect segue-way into our seed for seed mission! Want more info on sustainable farming and gardening practices? Click here! We’re glad to have you with us as we seek to make the planet and ourselves healthier!


1. Try this simple dinner – from Top Inspired . Maybe serve with a loaf of bread and pesto!

2. You’ll feel much better about dessert if it’s healthy! What about this mango chia coconut parfait?

3. These succulent plants love living inside the house. A DIY terrarium is a great way of keeping house plants from overtaking your surface space.

4. Hungry? Put down the chips and make these healthy fruit snacks!

5. This detox water recipe is infused with pears – you better keep coming back for more! Hydration is key to a healthier you!

(Photo credit: linked sites)


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