Meatless Monday

Apologies for bringing you Meatless Monday on a Tuesday – traveling with limited wifi is always tricky!

Easter is one of those holidays of confectionery importance…which means if you’re trying to avoid Lindt bunny cravings or Cadbury egg feasts at midnight, you may need some help. The stores are full of sugary temptations. This week’s meatless menu features soup and decadent brownies, both of which are 100% guilt-free. You can still live well and eat well. Thank goodness for that! See below for fun Easter egg decorating ideas the whole family will love and more!

1. Try this spinach tortellini and tomato soup from!
2. Got the mid-day munchies? Baked Parmesan zucchini fries may satisfy the cravings. Go to D*** for the recipe!
3. This etsy art is simple and beautiful, too. You could even buy canvas and try making your own!
4. Decorating Easter eggs is such a great spring tradition!
5. And now for dessert – sweet potato, grain free brownies from makethebestofeverything! Jewelry from Cayisa!


Have a great week everybody!
(Photo credit: linked sites)



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