Green Scene

We recently covered acai and its superfruit status. You can read all about that here.

As we continue to support education, reforestation, and so much more, we’re doing so with acai style so also think about checking out Cayisa stacks here.

Meanwhile, take a peek at this superfruit infographic from friendsEat! For our readers with kids, you’ll find it’s the perfect tool for explaining good nutrition!

And now for some additional acai suggestions!

Ever thought about an acai themed wedding?

Acai pancakes with lots of extra berries!
Acai tea from Mighty Leaf!
Acai lip balm with coconut and avocado oils!
Acai truffles featuring acai powder from Navita Naturals!
Keep living life the green way and come back next week for more healthful living news!

  (Photo credit: linked sites)


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