Green Scene

Got enough potassium in your life?

This week’s post is dedicated to a spunky little fruit which oozes potassium and other nutritional goodness (for other super fruit info, check out our acai post and Cayisa jewelry which features seeds!).

Avocados have multiple uses, but first and foremost they’re just tasty.

If you happen to have picky eaters in your family, you can easily sneak them avocado because it has such a subtle flavor…chocolate avocado cookies, for instance, are the perfect deception.

High in vitamins B6, B5, C, K, and E, avocados also have healthy fatty acids and plenty of fiber.

With less sugar than your average fruit, these green machines may actually lower cholesterol and typically have around 4g protein each. What’s not to love?

Need help figuring out if your avocados are good to go? This life hack from Buzzfeed will make things easier.


1. Have a guilt free afternoon snack with these avocado chocolate cookies from Thank Your Body!

2. Try this facial scrub from Glitter Gloss Garbage!

3. The Lean Green Bean has a great avocado lemon salad dressing.

(Photos courtesy of linked sites)


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