Meatless Monday

Happy Monday! You’ve made it through another one – congrats! Keep on keeping on by feeding your mind, your body, your passions, and your heart. Go green with Cayisa, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Experiment with fun DIY crafts. And prioritize nutritious living. Let’s be honest, powering through the week is always easier when you’ve got super foods and a positive outlook in hand.

1. The classics never grow old. Try decorating with timeless lyrics thanks to Etsy.
2. Serve this butternut squash recipe with a side salad or on its own for a healthy, meat-free dinner!
3. Frozen yogurt bites are a quick snack for those crazy days when gourmet meals just aren’t an option. You can thank Eats Amazing later.
4. These clover filled pots are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft. Your kids are sure to love them!
5. Eating clean doesn’t mean sacrificing the good stuff. These frozen bananas will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you from feeling guilty. Win win!


(Photo credit courtesy of linked sites)

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