Green Scene

Tis the season of spring break! Whether you’re jetting off somewhere warm or prepping for inbound tourists, staying healthy and taking your vitamins is a must.

If you’re in need of a boost or even a palette cleanser to compliment your spring cleaning fury, ginger is here to help.

Often overlooked, ginger can actually be quite useful. Not only is it a source of flavor for lots of green dishes, it has medicinal properties, too.

Here are just a few:

-Chewing on ginger can cure nausea or travel sickness

-Known to prevent colds and the flu

-Anti-inflammatory properties: if you suffer from joint pain or need to release tension, add ginger essential oil to your bath

-Expectorant: add some to a cup of tea when you’re struggling with respiratory problems or have excess mucus in your lungs

-Immune system booster: ginger can decrease the presence of bacterial viruses

Ready to embrace the ginger trend?

Try out these recipes below!


Meatified has a recipe for these great fruit snacks loaded with ginger juice

Somerset Lane calls this ginger tea “Winter Cold Miracle Tea.” Clearly they’re on to something.

D*** Delicious has a wonderful recipe for salmon. The honey glaze will have you sold in no time.

(Photo credit: linked sites)


4 thoughts on “Green Scene

    • Oh no! Maybe keep trying ginger in small doses? A lot of herbal lemon teas have it and if you add some honey as a sweetener, the taste is less dominant. How do you feel about ginger ale? That could be a good place to start, too!

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