Green Scene

Whether you’ve got a green thumb or just a heart for green living, we’re glad you’re here.

This week, we’re sending some love to The Children’s Table, a Florida based organization that takes food from farms and really does send it straight to community tables.

Comprised entirely of volunteers, the organization began with one garden, courtesy of Verna and Bill Brown. Their mission? Provide food for people in need. Giving away food from their backyard just made sense.

Thanks to this growing project, struggling families, those dealing with job loss, the homeless – anyone with an emergency need – have access to farm grown food. To date, The Children’s Table has served 53 Floridian counties as well as communities in Afghanistan and Honduras.

Supporting local businesses is important, but supporting people is even better. Cayisa is a fashion movement but it’s also a people movement because we believe that giving back is part of life.

The Children’s Table would probably agree. One of the main ways they operate is by encouraging farmers to open up their fields. Volunteers then glean the extra crops and place them in the hands of the hungry.

And get this – farmers have been planting surplus crops just to help the organization feed more mouths.

A green revolution is most definitely about a healthier you, but you can do some gleaning of your own. Share your knowledge of healthful living with friends, neighbors, family. Teach your children what it takes to have three nutritious meals a day. Be involved in something bigger than yourself and #Cayisa so we can follow along!

Be sure to like The Children’s Table on Facebook!

Need help volunteering? Cayisa has you covered.



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