Green Scene

This week I want to spotlight an eco-friendly organization currently engaging with the world’s most brilliant minds.

These minds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their opinions matter more than we realize.

City Blossoms is a DC nonprofit planting roots in the Washington community through its work with children and young adults.

That’s right – if we want a green revolution we need to enlist the k-12 folks asap.

The City Blossoms team focuses on creating safe places for children to work together, inviting them to use their creativity as they cultivate and maintain gardens. Perhaps it seems a little cliche, but children really are the future and the greatest gift they can receive is an education – not just an education about going green, but an education about how to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

If we empower children, we’re empowering whole generations to come.

Here’s a look at City Blossoms’ holistic approach:


(Photo courtesy of

City Blossoms is the kind of program that notices needs and fills them. Children need positive relationships with their peers and mentors. They need to be aware of the planet they call home and understand why giving back matters. They need to eat well, nourishing their growing bodies with natural, unprocessed foods. And they certainly need to flex their creative muscles.

With a bilingual early childhood program, field trips, a cookbook, volunteer opportunities and more, this project is making a huge imprint.

Perhaps you can start something similar in your neighborhood.

After all, it takes a village to raise a child…and coincidentally, it can take a village to raise a garden, too.

Passionate about making a difference? Check out City Blossoms here

Want to know more about how Cayisa helps educate? Click here


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