Meatless Monday

It’s the last Monday in February which feels like it should warrant some kind of celebration – we are inching our way out of winter and into the beginning of spring!

If you’re still snowed in, get crafty with this week’s DIY mason jar projects.

If you’re enjoying some heat, make sure to drink lots of water and maybe try upping your ice cube game.

As always, this week’s post features healthy steps to maintaining a healthy you!

1. 365 Days of Slow Cooking is quite possibly a God send. Try making this Skinny Tomato Basil Parmesan soup for dinner!
2. Flourless fudge cookies from i Heart Eating. All of the chocolate, none of the guilt.
3. DIY chocolate almond butter is the perfect snack. Spread this treat from Desserts With Benefits on fruit, crackers, toast – you name it.
4. Mason jars are still in style and the decorating possibilities are endless. Look at these ideas from My Perfect Line!
5. Who says drinking water has to be boring? Express-O will help you befriend water in no time.
(Photo credit goes to linked sites)

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