Green Scene

Today’s buzz word is acai. Have you befriended this little super fruit yet? It may be small but it’s definitely mighty, and Cayisa utilizes it in creating jewelry for you! Read up on acai and check out some great acai berry recipes below!

There are plenty of myths circulating about acai berries, but here’s a breakdown of what the fruit contains:

-Tons of antioxidants. More than most fruits, hence why the acai hype began. For more information on the necessity of antioxidants, click here!

-Anthocyanins (good for overall heart health)

-A variety of vitamins including A, C, B1, and E

-Amino acids that boost energy and strength

The list continues for quite some time, but clearly this berry is going places. Acai oil is even becoming the preferred tropical oil of choice as it can be stored for long periods of time and contains all those antioxidants. What’s not to love?

However, there is one major acai myth that we can debunk right now: while many companies suggest that products featuring acai assist with weight loss, research on this is still being done. Be wary of placing too much hope in acai as your miracle makeover tool.

Have we convinced you to go acai crazy? In case you need some extra persuading, Cayisa stacks utilize acai berries to create unique pieces for the green girl. If you like Cayisa, be sure to look into other treats like these lotions, both of which include acai oils!

Acai stacks

Acai bowls became trendy due to their variety and great flavors! This sweet & salty recipe is from

Acai bowl

Mini banana and acai berry cheesecakes? Yes please! Find the recipe at the healthy family home.

Acai cheesecakes

Sometimes a cup of tea and a cookie can fix everything. These peanut butter cookies can be made with chocolate covered acai berries for a bit of an indulgent lift!

acai cookies

Long day? Try this skinny blueberry spritzer but give it a twist by adding some acai berries too!


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