Meatless Monday

Happy Monday!

You’ve made it through the end of another week’s beginning (Dr. Seuss got nothing on us), and now you can indulge with a little Cayisa.

Craving something healthy for dinner? Check out today’s meatless recipe.

Itching to start a new craft project? We’ve found one that will put all your Valentine flowers to good use.

Need some workout motivation? We’ll help as best we can with some outfit inspiration.

High five for being you and for stopping by – we hope to see you again soon!





new year, new you


1. This adorable print from Etsy will make your heart smile!

2. Sweet potato ravioli? Always a go. Try it from

3. Cinnamon chips plus strawberry salsa. So yummy! Thanks spendwithpennies!

4. Use old flowers or picture books to make great home decor!

5. Check out more Cayisa here.

Photo credit goes to linked websites


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