Green Scene

In honour of Valentine’s Day, a variety of fun, healthy valentine ideas are coming your way. But first. Have you heard of the Goat Lady?

Ginnie Tate, North Carolina resident and owner of one massively successful farm, opened Goat Lady Dairy in 1995. Located in Randolph County, this farm is a tribute to goats and good cheese. More importantly, Goat Lady Dairy seeks to unite rural and urban Carolina by fostering relationships with the city folk. Did you know that the Halcyon Restaurant, located in Charlotte’s prominent new Mint Museum, features Goat Lady as one of its artisans? Ginnie and her family are kind of a big deal for all the right reasons! They have chosen to protect their land by entering into a conservation easement which means Tate’s land will always be used agriculturally. With open farm days, cheese tastings, national awards, and gourmet dining events, Goat Lady Dairy is definitely somewhere you should visit this year.

Click here for a list of places selling Goat Lady products near you!

And now…


1. Avocado chocolate truffles – different…but glorious.

2. Easy jam sandwiches for your kids!

3. This valentine printable can be customized for friends, other halves, and kids alike. Just choose their favourite tea and you’re good to go.

4. Chocolate cream covered raspberries. Healthy decadence is the best kind.

5. Pomegranate ice cubes. Who knew?

6. Mini pizzas your kids will love!

Photos credit belongs to linked websites.


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