Local lovin’

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us!

Here’s hoping you are madly in love with a very special person. Or crushing it with Beyonce’s single ladies dance. (If you are bitterly single, this may not be the post for you, consider yourself warned.)

Whether or not you have someone to celebrate with, you certainly have something to celebrate. So find that something and come along with me for a tour of Charlotte’s locally grown treasures.

I’ve created a Valentine’s Day itinerary, complete with the best places to find gifts, good eats, and romantic moments! Since my fiance and I are currently separated by the Atlantic Ocean, I will be living vicariously through all of your sweet Feb 14th adventures, so please #Cayisa when you’re out and about being cutesy!

It is so important to support local businesses during the holiday seasons, which is why we’re also giving a shout out to Kabbage, an online company who pride themselves on helping small business owners. Kabbage’s flexible & quick application process makes it easy for small business owners to receive revolving lines of credit up to $100,000. How exciting is that?!

And now for the Charlotte Valentine’s Day Extravaganza.

We’re all about supporting local businesses this V-Day. The options are endless, so break free from the store bought cards and opt for original romance. You can do it, you’re basically Cupid! Personal touches and reliable products are yours for the taking!

1. Amelie’s – the hippest French bakery there ever was. Place your Valentine orders by Feb. 12th and choose from a unique Valentine’s menu! Or, if you should find yourselves needing a late night snack, Amelie’s is open 24/7 (dangerous but oh so glorious).

Fun fact: gluten-free salted caramel brownies are now a thing.


2. 7th Street Market – this place captured my heart with its center city charm, friendly buzz, and atmosphere. A variety of shops fill the market, most boasting amazing Valentine’s Day specials. Before heading that way, stop by Central Coffee. It’s just up the road and has my favourite chai latte. It is such a local hot spot that you usually have to fight (or stare quite menacingly at a slow coffee drinker) for a seat. However, if you’re a grab and go person, you’ll have no problem running in and out. Alternatively, try Not Just Coffee (NJC) featured in 7th Street Market. The latte art is worth every penny.


3. Birdsong Brewery – whether you want pre-dinner drinks or a fun gift for your (wo)man, Birdsong has a never ending supply of beer that is locally brewed. They cater and rent out their space for private events – worth remembering because you’ll definitely be hooked on their IPAs.



4. The Dilworth area has a plethora of yummy restaurants and the quiet hum of sweet Dilworth’s community is the perfect backdrop. Trust me.

5. Cayisa – if you’re without a beau or belle this Valentine’s Day, why not spoil a friend with some arm candy?



6. And for all you Charlotte music lovers, wrapping up the evening with some live music is a safe bet. The Evening Muse is a perfect place to hear local talent, and better yet, it functions as a coffee shop by day. Best of both worlds? I think yes.

Enjoy a very lovely, very local Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Cayisa!



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