Meatless Monday


Walk joyfully into Monday, knowing that you are Diane von Furstenberg levels of lovely. Perspective is hard to track down sometimes, but rest assured a healthy outlook makes all the difference when trying to survive Mondays. February has arrived! That’s something to celebrate! The Patriots won the Superbowl – possibly something to celebrate, depending on where your allegiances lie. Even if you ate too many Superbowl goodies yesterday, you have a clean slate starting now. And that is most definitely something to celebrate!


These sushi recipes promise to be satisfying and delicious.

Minimalist Baker offers a tutorial for sushi making without a mat.

Tablespoon provides several vegetarian sushi recipes.

Self Proclaimed Foodie offers Frushi recipes: fruit sushi!

Sweetest Kitchen has adorable kid friendly dessert sushi.

These DIY candle ideas come from The Budget Decorator. Can’t beat decorating on the cheap!

Got leftover avocados? Throw them into some guacamole! Recipe from Love Grows Wild.

Be sure to #Cayisa if you’re getting crafy, sporting our jewelry, or just embracing a healthy lifestyle!

As always, photos are property of associated websites.


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