The green scene

Some trends are temporal. Fashion, for instance, is an ever changing animal, and we like it that way. But one trend with permanent potential is the learning garden.

How many of you are learning garden veterans?

Are you interested in catching the learning garden bug? (This is much pleasanter than it sounds, we promise.)

If so, read on!

At its simplest, a learning garden is an outdoor classroom in which people of all ages come together and learn what it means to make things grow.

For children, learning gardens are a fantastic educational opportunity. Do they know where their food comes from? Can they identify different vegetables like yams and beets? Will their eating habits change after investing time and energy into a plant’s life cycle? Do they understand why nutrition is important?

For families, learning gardens promote teamwork, wholesome meals, and greater exposure to healthy lifestyles.

For everyone, these outdoor classrooms encourage patience, dedication, and a deep sense of reward when both knowledge and plants blossom.

Cayisa’s passion is spreading the word about programs like these because they contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier you!

Want an example of a community garden featured on our website?

Check out The Kitchen Community!

With nearly 200 learning gardens throughout the U.S., this organization spreads information about how to harvest, what to harvest, and why harvesting natural foods is so brilliant.

My favourite project of theirs is the Home Cooking Campaign. A billboard image advertises a quick and affordable recipe – and when I say affordable, I mean affordable. Like under $10 affordable. Your average family of four can make these dishes inexpensively and know the ingredients are healthy. If extra help is needed, The Kitchen Community has tutorial videos online explaining the same billboard recipes.


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We’ll soon feature some other dynamic learning gardens and more organizations to get hyped about. Until next time, #Cayisa and wear because you care!


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