Meatless Monday

Happy Monday!

As you kick start another week, remember to be kind to yourself. Whether you wear many hats or just a few, you are wonderful. The world may throw all sorts of unexpected plans and demands your way, but you are absolutely capable of handling every last detail. Make time to unwind. When stress comes a-calling, gracefully wave hello before taking a break. Breaks are allowed, they are good, and they will better prepare your mind and body for all that life is asking of you.

Keep calm and power through!


Meatless Monday incorporates 2 yummy recipes this week!
Pair your eggrolls with this Thai noodle salad from peasandcrayons


14 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home: this article from decoratingyoursmallspace has great home deco projects!

Ward off the munchies with toasted pumpkin seeds from shewearsmanyhats!
new year, new you

(All photo credit goes to sourced websites)


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