New year, new you?

New year, new you? Nope. It might be a new year but why not focus simply on being a better you? There’s plenty of sparkle and shine, sugar and spice and all things nice about you in this very moment.

Whether you made resolutions or not, 2015 is upon us. Perhaps instead of glorifying blank slates, we should celebrate blank canvases, because this new year is just that: a blank canvas for you to splatter with creative energy and determination, all while sporting a little bit of Cayisa.

I’m passing along my favourite workout videos of the week, as well as a fun gym outfit and a yummy pasta fagioli recipe for dinner. Of course, I won’t judge you if you like to get your fitness on while wearing pajamas. I just want to encourage the beautiful you that is already living life to the fullest! So go and be one gorgeous momma, wife, friend, daughter and show 2015 that you’re a masterpiece in the making!


new year, new you

(Thanks to Hezzi-D’s Books & Cooks for the photo)



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