Munchkin Monday

Today we’re starting with the Thankful Tree.

Thanksgiving arrives in just a few short days but there is still time to teach your family the beauty of this holiday! The Thankful Tree is easy to make – simply have one of your kids rummage in the backyard for a substantial stick. Paint it a color of your choice and maybe even add some glitter. Then, cut leaves out of different coloured card-stock. You can invite your family and friends to hang what they’re thankful for on your tree’s branches!

thankful tree

(Photo courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens)

Stress Free Table Decor

I don’t know about you but I’m secretly a crafting goddess…I just need some direction. Although Pinterest is full of fun fall crafts, finding time to sit down and actually do them amid work, kids, school etc. is difficult! I’ve found that the most popular centerpieces for Thanksgiving this year are natural and easy. Your backyard or local craft store is sure to have fall foliage that you can incorporate. Use gold and glitter paint to embellish acorns, pine-cones, sticks, and leaves. Voila. Table decorated.

(Photo courtesy of Finding Home Online)

Easy dinner your kids will love

Lasagna is a favourite and if you’re feeling adventurous, make lasagna soup!

go crazy

(Photos courtesy of Tastes Better From Scratch)

Dessert for the brave – salted caramel apple cake.

This looks like a monster of a cake to make, but oh how the payoff will be sweet. I’m excited to put on some Frank Sinatra and get baking in my kitchen.

Salted Caramel Apple Cake | #recipe #dessert

(Photo courtesy of the Brown Eyed Baker)

Dessert for the busy – apple caramel parfaits

Your little ones will think these are super cool and they’re a bit less complicated than assembling a big cake.

(Photo courtesy of Cinda B)

#Cayisa – we want to be home for the holidays with you!


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