Munchkin Monday

Hey faithful readers, hope Monday has been kind to you today! If not, we’re here to brighten things up with healthy pizza recipes, a fall craft that will teach your kids to say thank you, and some yummy snacks for maintaining sanity. Take a peek and #Cayisa if you’re sporting a stack today or getting festive at home!

Meatless Monday can be hard to keep up when picky eaters sit round your table. Fortunately, pizza is a simple dinner option that can be personalized and packed with nutrients to keep those grumpy diners from throwing temper tantrums. You’ve got enough stress in your life – don’t let meals add to the load!

Grilled vegan pizza

The Best Gluten-Free Pizza [& vegan!] | #vegan #glutenfree

Photo courtesy of Edible Perspective

Naked pizza with basil and garlic


Photo courtesy of Baking Steel

Roasted fall pizza (for the more discerning palette)

Roasted Fall Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Paleo approved pumpkin bites

Pumpkin Pie Energy Bites (My Secret Recipe)- these make healthy snack and dessert. So popular with all of my friends and family!


Apple chips! While you nom on the pumpkin bites, your little ones can eat apple chips by the pound. These are light and healthy, crunchy like your standard potato chip, but sweet and so fun to make.

Photo courtesy of Whole Living

Pretzel bites

25 easy and healthy snack ideas

Photo courtesy of A Mom’s Take

Turkey Thank you Notes

Send one of these over to a neighbor in need – you’ll brighten his or her day and show your kids what it means to be selfless!

Photo courtesy of Deco Art


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