Last minute Halloween

Have you been crazy busy prepping your kids for Halloween and harvest parties? Have you neglected your own costume and decided to be mom in the background this year? Maybe you’ll reconsider after seeing these last minute costume suggestions, featuring a favourite bracelet of mine: Midnight Moonbeams.

  1. Mary Poppins: all you need is a black skirt, some pumps, tights if it’s chilly, and a white blouse. Grab your umbrella and throw on a fedora and you’ll be looking supercalfragalisticexpialigorgeous.
Halloween - Mary Poppins
 2. Waldo (or Waldette): red and white stripes paired with jeans keep this look simple and spunky.
Halloween - Waldo?
3. Alice in Wonderland: if you want to make use of an old cocktail dress, just add a white apron and a headband to become Alice. She’s really quite adorable. And if you’ve got a little boy, you can dress him up as your rabbit. A vest and some bunny ears will complete his look!
Halloween - Alice in Wonderland
4. Audrey Hepburn: she’s timeless, she’s beautiful, she’s old Hollywood glamour. And so are you. Plus everyone looks fine in a LBD!
Halloween: Audrey Hepburn a la Tiffany's
5. Olive: grab a friend to play Popeye and you can be Olive. This vintage look will probably be appropriate for everyday wear in a couple years so you might as well rock it before it’s officially cool.
Halloween: Popeye's Olive
Have a wonderful holiday weekend and #Cayisa so we can see your costume creations!

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