munchkin monday – take 1

October is wonderful. My house smells like one big, nutmeg hug, sweaters are allowed all day, every day and children are ten times sweeter when they have tiaras and fake wands.

As the weather gets colder and your family chooses the playroom over the playground, you may be wondering how to keep your brood full and happy. That’s why we’re here with Munchkin Mondays. Not only will you get your meatless Monday fix, we’ll provide fun DIY crafts and ideas for bonding with your little ones, too.

What better time to begin than a gorgeous fall afternoon?

Craft time

Make DIY Halloween costumes from merricks art. She’s a wonder with a needle and these guys look adorable.

Snack time

Food Babe just released this recipe for roasted pumpkin spice nuts. Thank her profusely.


Pumpkin Spice Nuts


Dinner time

Tomato soup in a bread bowl – because kids love them a crazy way of eating dinner and bread bowls are Panera’s secret weapon for winning over young people.

The baker upstairs has this awesome recipe for homemade bread bowls.


This tomato soup from the tart art is sure to please. Just sub in vegetable stock instead of chicken!


tomato soup


Be sure to #Cayisa when instagramming family bonding sessions! We want to see what you’re up to!






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