October Baby

Good morning world – are you ready to embrace another week? Monday has arrived and she’s looking pretty lovely in all her fall attire.

Things you should remember today:

People will forever be there for you in a way that work will not.

Get enough sleep. Force yourself to rest well so that you are the most peace-filled version of you.

Drink lots of water to chase the onset of fall lethargy away.

Explore new places with old friends to remind yourself of who you were and where you want to go.

Smile more.

Now for meatless Monday. Today doesn’t have a theme, just a variety of yummy dishes for you and your family to munch on. However, I sincerely hope you’re not tired of pumpkins yet, because I’ve found a vast supply of pumpkin desserts to help usher in this first Monday of October. You can thank me later.

Grilled cheese with caramelized onions from the cooking channel. Sometimes, adding a bit of pizzazz to a classic creates a party for your taste-buds. Pair this sandwich with some tomato soup and you may even convince your kids to hop on board the onion express. I’m all about exposing young eaters to good flavors.

I’ve never been a huge fan of football, but rumor has it that fall, football and chili are a winning combination. Here’s a vegetarian spin on America’s beloved crockpot dish thanks to the endless meal.

Easy Vegetarian Chili Recipe

I stumbled across this wildcard and think it looks delish. Let us know if you try sweet corn and zucchini pie from pinch of yum!

Sweet Corn and Zucchini Pie - a simple crustless pie featuring fresh summer veggies and melted cheese. 275 calories. | pinchofyum.com #vegetarian #zucchini #pie #recipe #healthy

And now for dessert.

Pumpkin quinoa gingerbread from yummy, healthy, easy.

A combination of pumpkin bread and gingerbread with an addition of quinoa to make it moist and healthy

Pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies (erm, yes please!) from cooking classy.

Pumpkin Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies | Cooking Classy

Pumpkin pie chia pudding parfait from oh she glows. Say that ten times fast.106MM

There you have it meatless Mondayers, a list of healthy recipes to keep you energized and full of nutritious goodness. Be sure to #cayisa if you try these at home!


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