These boots are made for walkin

Today I thought I’d cover boots because everyone everywhere is stocking their shelves with this season’s must-haves. Whether your boot budget is big or small, I will find you a style that makes your feet smile. Disclaimer: if you’re trying not to spend money or impulse buy, you probably want to avert your eyes.

For each price bracket I’ll give you an ankle boot, riding boot & a wild card! Having options is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to your closet.



$75 from Target

$36 from Kohl’s

$70 from DSW




$99 by Guess

$118 from Lucky Brand

$98 from TOMS





$149 by Guess

$149 from BCBGeneration

$250 from Michael Kors


A decent pair of boots – much like a decent pair of heels – can prepare you for taking on the world, one designer step at a time. Here’s hoping you’re ready to tackle Wednesday! And if you’re desperately seeking some arm candy, check out the Escapade crew from Cayisa – now 50% off in our anniversary sale!






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