Falling in love with Monday

See what I did there? It’s officially FALL everybody. Our cravings for nutmeg and cinnamon are 100% validated with the arrival of this glorious day.

Obviously I’m giving you a meatless Monday full of autumn lovin, but first of all, how many of you made your own pumpkin spice lattes??? I want to see them! Show us your pictures and #Cayisa.

And now for today’s menu. All I’m saying is buckle up and prepare for sweet potato overload.

First up: roasted sweet potato slices with cilantro pesto from The Kitchn.

This recipe is great because it has such a unique blend of ingredients. You can make the pesto as fiery as you want and still enjoy a delicious combination of flavors.

Next up is a sweet potato soup that looks like liquid heaven. Seriously. It’s from Blogging Over Thyme – check her out!

Roasted Acorn Squash & Sweet Potato Soup | bloggingoverthyme.com

And last but not least, honey lime quinoa stuffed sweet potatos (can I get a mmm-mmm?) from Cooking Classy.

Honey-Lime Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes | Cooking Classy

Note: all food photography belongs to the cited web pages.


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