Happy meatless monday

Now and then I’ll get a hankering for mushrooms. For those of you violently opposed to mushrooms, I’ve included an alternative dinner option which looks so good I may end up having two dinners.

First, I give you mushroom stroganoff from “One World Vegetarian Cookbook.”

This recipe has such a fun blend of flavours and even includes some nutmeg, which, with the onset of pumpkin everything, is a nice way to dip your toes in the autumnal waters without going overboard.

Next up, a vegetable miso mushroom noodle bowl from miratel. This has similar flavours to the stroganoff but the noodles give it a stir-fry flair.

And last but seriously not least: Chipotle quinoa sweet potato burgers with crunchy guacamole from the made to create blog. Hold me back…

Make sure you #cayisa so that we can share your meatless monday creations!


Note: all photographic content for this post was lifted from other blogs and is not the property of Cayisa.


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