#ootd – Intuition

Statement jewelry is something I shied away from for awhile. I was intrigued by bubble necklaces and big watches, but I wasn’t brave enough to buy them and style them. The more I explored fashion blogs though, the more I realized that a strong statement piece won’t overpower an outfit. It adds some va-va-voom and can tie everything together in a way that makes you sit back and go ahhhyes.

Hence why I became obsessed with the Intuition collection. I will readily admit that it makes my knees go weak, and when I got my hands on Blue Ocean I was uber excited to wear it. The bright blue went perfectly with my work look and my date night outfit, and not once did I feel like the necklace was wearing me.

So first up, a little something I like to call Office Intuition. Come back again soon to see date night a la Blue Ocean!

IMG_4043 IMG_4045 IMG_4048 IMG_4049 IMG_4044-Black top (Merona, by Target): find similar ones here

-Printed trousers (Mine Apparel): find similar ones here

-Heels (LifeStride): find similar ones here and here

-Necklace (Cayisa): find it here

-Bracelets (Cayisa): find them here and here



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