Going Bento

There exists an unwritten code about lunch boxes.

The kind you carry says a lot about your personality. What’s inside says a lot about who your friends are going to be. As an elementary school kid you don’t have to make a lot of major life decisions, but how you put together a packed lunch determines a lot about your cafeteria street cred.

So when the Bento box craze came into being, I thought back to the days of pudding cups and felt a little nostalgic before embracing the trend.

Originating in Japan, the Bento box is a single portion container used for home-packaged or takeout meals. The container style has been copied by various manufacturers to make eating on the go easier. Not only are the compartments great for portion control, the boxes themselves come in tons of different designs. Kids (or, ahem, any of us who appreciate solid lunch design) can get multiple Bento box sets and re-use them throughout the week.

Some people get really, really into perfecting their Bento skills. Bentology is a blog dedicated to healthy lunch making, and this mama goes all out for her children. I’ll be back with some healthy lunch recipes later as a way of kicking off the back-to-school season, but for now, try not to feel too inadequate as a kitchen artist.

Got great lunch recipes? Share in the comments!

Thanks to bento-logy.blogspot.com for great Bento photos!


2 thoughts on “Going Bento

  1. 3 of the 4 images you have posted we created by me and taken directly from my blog (www.bento-loft.blogspot.com). Please appropriately credit the images you use.

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