monday, meet my empty fridge

Sometimes crazy weeks happen – weeks where laundry goes undone and groceries just don’t get bought. So we’re starting off August 18th with an odd assortment of things left in the fridge.

What exactly does one do with sweet potatos, tortillas and cheese?

Thanks to the twosaucysisters, I may have the answer.

Quesadillas are dead easy, especially if you’re running around and need a quick meal. I fondly think of them as the solid food equivalent of smoothies. Honestly, anything from your kitchen can go in there and you’ll have a nice little explosion of flavour.

The basic ingredients for these: avocado, jalepenos, cilantro, sweet potatoes and beans. Unfortunately after I make them, I really will have to grocery shop, but for now, it’s quesadilla time.

Click here for the recipe!



Thanks to for content and the recipe!


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