Just another meatless monday

Today’s Meatless Monday incorporates some of my favourite things – witty writing, healthy food, and the beauty of starting a brand new week.

Copious stacks of lined paper and boxes of number two pencils have appeared in Target which I think means summer is drawing to a close. Since I’m crazy about autumn, I’m perfectly okay with that, but in case you’re in denial about what August means, here’s a very summery salad for tonight’s dinner: whole wheat couscous with peaches and pistachios.

Rebecca, of ezrapoundcake.com says initially, “…it’s like a crowd doing the chicken dance at a wedding. Everything seems awkward and so, so wrong. But then the magic takes over. The peppery watercress makes the peaches seem that much sweeter. And the pistachios are like little salty hidden presents waiting in the couscous.”

If that doesn’t make you want to dance around the kitchen, I’m not sure what will. Click here for the recipe. I also challenge you to consider growing your own herbs and garnishes at home….watercress straight from the garden = nutrition at its finest.


I’ve found this new bakery in the downtown area of my neighborhood so I’m having their baklava (with an obligatory latte) for dessert. What does your Monday look like? Are you experimenting with flavours or fashion…or both? Leave us some love in the comments!


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