Monday means meatless

Happy Monday fellow clean eaters. [Enter thoughts on this being the last Monday in July – where oh where is this summer going?]

It’s been a carbalicious month for me. Between birthdays and vacation, the baked goods have been plentiful. I’m all for indulging but July has bordered on gluttonous for my not-so-little-anymore stomach. Ever have those days/weeks/months/years?

I’ve attempted to detox a bit this weekend by cutting back on dessert and drinking lots of liquids. Smoothies are always my best friend, especially when I can throw in handfuls of kale. I definitely feel lighter when I eat less bready substances. 

So I’m affectionately calling today’s meatless theme: “I can see the light.”

tostones with bean salsa #beans #meatlessmonday #plantains #vegan #glutenfree #latinFood #kosher #vegetarian #5demayo

I like this recipe from because of it’s Caribbean flair. Tostones – or smashed plantains –  add sweetness and you can’t beat that yellow presentation. Get a little salsa in your step today!


Jerk chickpeas sound fascinating to me. Maybe I’m just very easy to please, but I want to try this dish from the Miratel Solutions blog asap.

Grilled Vegetables

For zesty colours and flavours that pop, these roasted vegetables seemed perfect. There are so many variations on these, so definitely comment your own, but check out’s version!


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