The post July 4th cookout meat coma

As a somewhat Americanized Brit, my July 4th plans are basically me going wherever the Revolutionary War jokes are at a minimum. Don’t get me wrong, you earned your victory but I ran out of witty comebacks a long time ago and I’d rather link arms with you and watch fireworks instead of hashing out King George’s control issues. I usually end up with family friends, eating their food for hours on end. How do most Americans celebrate their independence? By grilling lots and lots of meat. I think the Revolutionary boys would appreciate such a manly token of gratitude. This year I’m breaking with tradition and sitting lakeside with the family, but for any of you who are tired of hot-dogs and hamburgers, I give you the July 4th feast round 2: meatless Monday style.


Clockwise starting in the top left corner:

  1. Black bean oat burgers from
  2. Hominy-pinto burgers with roasted poblano chiles from
  3. My personal fave, the stuffed portobello burger with caramelized onions, also from (yummmm)
  4. Another great one from with a Middle Eastern twist for you adventurous eaters – the open-faced falafel burger

If you want a fry substitute to go with one of these monsters, try grilled sweet potatoes. They’re so simple and had a great recipe.



And for dessert? You guysss I’m so excited to have found a tofu dessert recipe. This may just be my shining tofu-I-love-you moment. Sweet Healthy Living had this beaut of a no-bake cheesecake.


If you’re not a tofu convert yet, Simply Love Food’s cupcakes in a jar are vegan and pretty darn adorable.



Enjoy this season whether you’re repping the red white and blue or just a pyromaniac who thinks fireworks are great. If you eat chicken wings or whatever else like they’re going outta style, know you can always come here for a healthy detox!



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